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    The Humans Being Gallery

is a medley

of a large body of sculptures

created from 1996-2000.



Humans Being is all about us.  Human Nature - complex, diverse and mysterious serves as a vast reference library for the content of my sculptures.  In concert, Mother Nature furnishes me with a marketplace of earthen media: gifts of wood, metal and clay which I color with fire, smoke, time and occasionally pigments. I integrate these ingredients with found orphaned treasures and modeled clay figures to compose optimistic three-dimensional commentaries on everyday issues, behaviors and relationships.

You are welcomed into the compositional space and company of the uncostumed clay performers and props; into a place where collectivity transcends blindness and boundary.  Humans being in halted moments adopt a feeling of otherworldliness in theatrical-like tableaux. Shadow boxes, bird cages, assemblages and works in the round invite your  participation and arousal of your own humanness.  My intent is to portray panoramically our virtues and defects and the potentiality which dwells between and to communicate a comprehensible universal language through  a nonverbal dialect of postures and gestures. The human body is the incomparable vehicle of  my voice.





Barbara Scavotto Earley Sculpture