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Dear ARTBEATZ students and friends...Each one of you has been a vital pART of my dream to create and educate.  I am grateful for the studio space and the Art spirit that we have shared.  I will miss you. Whatever your dreams may be, I trust that you will nurture and follow them whole-heARTedly and face uncertainty with confidence and courage.  You may recall my encouraging sentiments to “seek creative innovative ways of solving problems and to cultivate your decision-making skills…think differently, individually, honestly and imaginatively…be you, be original and be-lieve that anything is possible.” I hope that our trails may intersect as we each pave our individual paths.  My appreciation extends to your parents who have been supportive of our Art connection and your creative development.  Thank you! May every moment and adventure fill you with an ardent appetite for life!

ARTBEATZ offers invigorating and interdisciplinary educational workshops for children, teens and adults. Every class is a happening!

ARTBEATZ provides a safe, stimulating learning environment for  developing self-expression, individuality, originality and technical and motor skills.

ARTBEATZ emphasizes the creative process, and highlights problem solving as the incredible journey towards the final product.

ARTBEATZ nurtures critical and creative thinking, communication, confidence, courage, courtesy, co-operation, aesthetics and perception.

ARTBEATZ promotes the wonders of invention, imagination and discovery and can raise overall academic achievement.      

ARTBEATZ workshops are held at the 43 Broad Brook Road studio of Enfield artist Barbara Scavotto-Earley. Look for the building with the blue metal roof! 

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Barbara Scavotto Earley Sculpture