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pARTy hats 



My childhood was replete with affection, serenity, fun and art. In the sanctuary of my home, I marked “studio” space. Creative play was cultivated here and afar in private art classes. During these formative years, parties and excursions were customary. My mother gently orchestrated while my father synchronized and amused. Partygoers donned vibrant pointed headgear. The male and female symbolism of these conic forms was beyond the realm of my youthful discoveries. pARTy hats wall sculptures are inspired by such memories.

The multihued pARTy hats with male and female inhabitants are metaphors for life: the celebration of humans being. The figures and vessels are partnered through marbled color.  Swirls and currents of hues flow as naturally as our bloodstream, circulating the breath of life, energizing. My intention is to playfully ally three material elements: a figure, a party hat and an elastic cord. The characters mingle and harmonize with the hats in joyful carefree postures, blissful and nimble in communion with the spirit, rapture and gala of life. pARTy hats, created in 2004 and 2005 are companions of aMUSEments.



Barbara Scavotto Earley Sculpture