Prim and Proper  acrylic painted clay figures   8' long enamel painted steel table with chandelier


My figurative clay and steel sculptures are all about humans being. I am fascinated by the world’s family brimming with mystery, diversity, individuality and universality. My sculptures create a fellowship and dialogue between human form and spirit and what I believe is humankind’s most powerful global language – the voice of the body. SITuations zooms in on locations and circumstances surrounding or affecting human beings. These acts, events and conditions are continuations of my sculptural essays on the epic puzzle of human conduct.  My lighthearted interpretations of situations feature a humorous hodgepodge of body types, postures, activities, attitudes and behaviors which create casual and amiable parodies.  The sculptures are topped off with titles inspired by a frequent use of puns which append a twist or spice to a humdrum happening. SITuations spanned from 2007-2010.


Goop Therapy   acrylic painted clay   24" x 18" x 11"


One Too Meny  acrylic painted clay  13" x 18" x 11"


Members of the Bored   weathered wood, wire 20" x 38" x 10"


The Bare Necessities   clay, stone, Plexiglas, steel  18" x 9" x 9"


Chair of the Board   scrap wood, acrylic painted clay  56" x 12" x 15"



ARToons  glazed clay  6 1/4" x 6 1/4" x 2"







Barbara Scavotto Earley Sculpture