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My current series, restORATIONS, is an extension of my enduring explorations of body language. The introduction of new materials has provided adventurous opportunities for exploration and discovery.  The materials were a gift from a close friend. She offered me a stack of slate, which was the former roofing of her country home.  These deckle-edged “slices” of weathered rock, rich with earthen hues are perforated with sporadic nail holes.  I accepted the generous present with a vague prophesy of sculpture in mind. Soon after, my friend’s life was shattered by an unexpected broken relationship. These circumstances would forever change her life and would serendipitously impact how I utilized the gift.

After hammering the layered rock into different-sized fragments,   I recycle the slate in ways that some lives are cracked and broken, reassembled and renewed. When the shards are adhered to armatures, they create environments with free-form mosaic-like surfaces. I call the spaces between the shards “wise cracks.” These sites become sanctuary for clay figures and their non-verbal dialect.  restORATIONS demonstrates the resilient nature of the human heart in reestablishing, reorganizing, and restoring life’s broken pieces into a new cohesive design. My friend rebuilds to a state of wellbeing as I create sculptures of transformation and reform. Leonard Cohen’s lyrics to the song “Anthem” echo the focal point of restORATIONS.

“Ring the bells that still can ring…forget your perfect offering…

there’s a crack, a crack in everything…that’s how the light gets in….”

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Barbara Scavotto Earley Sculpture