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Selected sculptures or works on paper will be regularly featured in this gallery. My intent is to acquaint the viewer with both my 2-D and 3-D Art from the past, and the correlations  between the interlocking series that I have created.  The sustaining and unifying link is humankind - the who, what, when, where, and how of our being. Our postures and gestures - our non-verbal dialogue - our body's "voices" are the nuclei of my figurative works. "The Great Anniversary" measuring 45" x 36" x 3" is a collage created with small Prismacolor pencil drawings and a variety of fiber papers. The sun and sea worshipers, cut out and assembled, compose the scene of a crowded beach on the fourth of July. The aerial view is complete with raised umbrellas and flags. I created this collage in 1987 to honor my parents, Louis and Carme Scavotto and their festive holiday anniversary. My childhood obsession with drawing and cutting my own paper dolls is indeed ancestral to this collage!




Barbara Scavotto Earley Sculpture