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Mood Swings #9 (detail)         Height 40"            Mood Swings #8 (detail)



    I enkindle fellowship and dialogue between human form and spirit,

and humankind's most powerful universal language - the voice of the body.           

The terminologies of the human form constitute the heART and soul of my clay, steel and wire sculptures.  Every body has a story and I listen intently and candidly with each of my senses, grateful for the enormous reservoir of resources.  The corporal voices of humanity from individual to communal fascinate and stimulate figurative narratives.  I am enthralled by human nature and the prodigious spectrum of diversity, uniqueness, mystery and universality. My sculptures are inspired by personal experiences, relationships, observations and issues.  They communicate thematically the marvelous attitudes, postures and gestures of the body - of humans being.

I find the contrasting processes of modeling soft clay which hardens when fired, and shaping hard cold steel, pliable when heated, to  be alluring. Throughout my Art career, I have modeled, assembled, painted, carved and welded virtues, intemperance, social concerns, spirituality, humor and other pieces in the epic puzzle of human conduct.  A sprinkling of wit is common, even in my most reflective sculptures. The human body's infinite physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional dialect is the incomparable channel of my non-verbal voice, my sculpting hands and my inspired heART. Like my sculptures, we are one-of-a kind. As you browse my galleries, may your humanness be aroused and celebrated.

My creative process is rooted in improvisation, unfolding and emerging ecstatically through a concert of instinct, concept and uncertainty.  I soulfully juggle structure and spontaneity, discipline and  freedom, experiencing ritual, timelessness, and meditation in motion. My sculptures eulogize humanity and a global body language. They convey my playful creative desires to be in communion with the universe, the festival of life and this very moment...
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